Who are we?

A young and creative team that grew up with technology, found enthusiasm in learning out more and more and motivation in keeping up with the changing environment.  

We are getting easily hyped about a new challenge such as a customer profile that we need to understand in order to address it to the right audience or a developing brand that we need to grow.

We have passions on our own and we have ongoing projects that inspire our enthusiasm to other people as well.

Cum te putem ajuta?

Contacteaza-ne pentru a obtine ajutor in proiecte IT sau consultanta.

How do we work?

We like to start any project from an empirical point: no assumptions, no generic theory applied, no past experiences brought as example and no copy-paste-ing others’ solutions. We believe in the uniqueness of every industry, business and team. So, in order to find the solution, we must fully understand the context around it.

While fully understanding a particular business, we also get attached to it, to its story, its team, its market and its goals. So, naturally we strive to offer the best solution possible.

We are adaptable and we can join you at any point of the process. Regardless if you just want to have a preliminary consultancy before starting implementation or you need a project manager towards the end of the project, we have the confidence we can work together for your business goals.



Why choose us

We act from a place of understanding, empathy and collaboration.

We are flexible in our work but not flexible when it comes to results, correctitude and customer satisfaction.

We believe in the Laws of the Universe, because ”Whatever you give, you shall receive instead”.

It might sound crazy, but we believe in the Laws of the Universe, because ”Whatever you give, you shall receive instead”. We want to do our best and serve our customers in the best way possible. In return, we are aiming to receive the positive feedback that motivates us to keep going.

We take one piece of the puzzle at a time and we want to understand the things that the customer did not even consider.

The last piece of the puzzle that makes it all come together is our creativity and out of the box thinking. No project is like another one and we challenge ourselves to step up with every solution we bring to the world.

It is a never-ending wheel of offering and receiving that we want to keep on spinning

Moreover we find joy in receiving recommendations from our satisfied customers that lead us to our next collaborations and challenges.

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