FineCart – our multichannel eCommerce platform

FineCart is an all-in-one eCommerce solution for businesses looking to expand their sales channels and increase their online presence. Our platform offers a wide range of integrations and marketing tools to help businesses reach more customers and boost their sales. With FineCart, businesses have access to a powerful CRM solution that helps them manage their product offerings and catalog, as well as a feed aggregator that simplifies the process of updating and maintaining their products across multiple channels. FineCart is designed to help businesses achieve their eCommerce goals and grow their online sales, without the hassle of managing multiple platforms and tools.

Consulting WP – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Research beyond the business plan

We also ensure that the whole team is included in the process and that no one is left out during the turnaround. The most crucial part is ensuring some degree of financial stability during the turnaround.

This is the most worrying part for most clients going through or needing a turnaround; it means that incoming cash flows will change completely. We help ease these issues through fantastic financial projections and a realistic view of what can be accomplished.

Creating a list of potential qualified prospects for your service or product can be daunting when you’re beginning your business. However, this needs to be considered as a follow up on your Target Market Analysis so you can hit the ground running.

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